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Sheikh Muhammad Al-Mukhtar Ash-Shinqitee

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MessaggioInviato: Gio Feb 20, 2014 10:25 pm    Oggetto: Sheikh Muhammad Al-Mukhtar Ash-Shinqitee Rispondi citando

Assalamu alaykum,mi potete dare la vostra opinione su Sheikh Muhammad Al-Mukhtar Ash-Shinqitee.Grazie mille Jazaka Allahu Khairan
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MessaggioInviato: Dom Feb 23, 2014 4:19 pm    Oggetto: Re: Sheikh Muhammad Al-Mukhtar Ash-Shinqitee Rispondi citando

leila78 ha scritto:
Assalamu alaykum,mi potete dare la vostra opinione su Sheikh Muhammad Al-Mukhtar Ash-Shinqitee.Grazie mille Jazaka Allahu Khairan

Wa`alaykum assalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

Conosco molto poco degli `Ulama' del Maghrib, e facendo una veloce ricerca ho trovato due Shaykh Muhammad al-Mukhtar di Shinqit/Chinguetti, uno morto nel 1985 (rahimahullah), ed uno ancora vivo...

Mi spiace non poter essere di maggiore aiuto; sperando di fare cosa gradita lascio un commento di Mufti Husain Kadodia sugli `Ulama' della Mauritania:

"Firstly, regarding the top Ulama of Mauritania, it should be understood that our respected Ustad, Shaikh Murabit al-Haj is famous in Mauritania for his Zuhd and piety. When in comes to ilm, while he is a master in Lughah and is one of the few senior Mauritanian Ulama to have paid major attention to hadith, he isn't famous in the country for his ilm neither is he taken to be from amongst the ilmi giants in the country.

The famous ilmi giants are:

1. Shaikh Bhuddah al-Busairi- He was very sick when I las met him and might hae already left this word. He is one of the most senoir Ulama and the most respected. Unfortunately, he is also the one who introduced the warped wahabi Aqeedah on Sifat to Mauritania. But he isn't like the normal hardcore salafis, rather he is very mu'tadil. He is also really loved by the brothers of tableegh, as his support for it was one of the reason why the work of tableegh spread so well in that country. He is a master in all fields.

2. Shaikh Muhammad Salim ibn Adud- Most likely the most knowledgable of Mauritanian Ulama and probably the most famous. His aqeedah has been the subject of many debates, so the safest would be to stay far from that. He is a master of all fields as well, standing out in fiqh and lughah. (Well every mauritanian alim stands out in lughah). When we visited him, we spoke to his son Muhammad for a while. A colleague of mine from the U.K said to Muhammad that we heard that his father had memorized the entire Qamus of Firozabadi (the most authentic Arabic dictionary). Muhammad replied that that is not so, his father has memorized hundreds of other books but not the qamoss. Yes, his grandmother- yes this isn't a typo- had memorized half the qamus!!!

3. Shaikh Muhammad ibn al-Hasan al-Khadeem- He is the alim who I was really impressed with and would recommend studying under. He is one of the few mauritanian scholars who have dozens of published words. I have many of them. The sharh of Matharatul Qulub translated by Hamza Yusuf is by him. He is without any doubt a master in EVERY field having written top books in Fiqh, Uisul Fiqh, Usul Hadith, Tasawwuf etc. He is also a senior Sufi Shaikh of the Tijani silsilah, being very strict on sunnah and wary of bid'at. The wahabis don't like him as he is has written many rudood against them. His madrasah- mahzharah- is called at-tahseer andd is probably one of te easiest to study in as it is located close to a town with the major amenities. Nice enviroment in hsi madrasah as opposed to that in most of the others.

4. Shaikh Bah- Also one of the top scholars, yet not so senior as the others. Has one of the biggest madrasahs and probably the only one with free meals. Big in Lughah.

5. Shaikh Yadali ibn al-Haj Ahmed- My beloved Ustad, probably the last hafidhul hadith in the world. Allah knows best how many ahadeeth he has memorized, but his senior students say kutubus sittah and muattah!!! He gives dars of hadith from memory- I attended these for a few months- as well as dars of tafsir, fiqh etc from memory. He was the naaib mufti of the country previously, but steped down from that post. He gives dars every night between maghrib and Esha in the capital. Still young compared to the others - probably in early fifties- and is famous for te mastery of ahadith and narrators. When discussing a hadit e mentions a narrrator then his student - the narrator from him- and then mentions the numer of ahadith the student has narrated from this ustad. He does this for every rawi and then if thr ahadith are few, he mentions exactly in which book they appear.

These are the giants.

There will be others definitely, especially further inside the country. These are in and around Nuaokshott.

As for the question of brother pahlawaan, They are salafi in aqeedah, not fiqh. In fact even the staunch mauritanian salafis are malikis in fiqh, only opposing the mazhab in a few major masail.

These two, Bhuddah and Saalim, are probably the main reason for so many awwan converting to wahabism.

Oops, I seem to have forgotton the most famous mauritanian alive. Will mention the little I know about him just now.

The most famous is a youngster- still in his thirties it seems- Muhammad Hasan ad-Dido.

With a really sharp mind, memery better than any computer- 100% photographic- and wonderful akhlaaq, he has spreadh wahabism- albiet a moderate one- all over Mauritania.

The youth go crazy for him, especialy as he claims to be the leader of the Ikhwaan and was involved in trying to get rid of the previous corrupt government.

He is the Mauritanian blue-eyed boy, as he is famous all over the world, especially in Saudi.
He goes all over the country, right into every small vilage and stays for a few days, giving lectures and mixing with the people. He is like a member of the family to every Mauritanian.

He is also the nephew of Shaikh Muhammad Salim ibn Adud and stays at his madrasah most of the time.

Also, a relative of Shaikh Had Amin- the most senior Ustad at the Madrasah of Shaikh Murabit al-Haj- and visits the madrasah for a few days, once in a while.

One outstanding quality of Mauritanian Ulama, is that even those who have Salafi inclinations are very moderate and and tolerant of other's view's.
The Salafi Ulma are of two types:

1. The senior ones, who will never quote ibn Baaz, Uthaimeen etc as these Saudi's are inferior to them in ilm. They are salafis in that they take the apparent meaning of the nusoos on sifat without ta'weel or tafweedh. Se the book "Tanbihul khalaf al-Hadhir" Full name is :
تنبيه الخلف الحاضر على أن تفويض السلف لا ينافي الإجراء على الظواهر
العلامة بداه بن البصير الشنقيطي
published by Dar ibn Hazn in Beirut. Most of them aren't qail of jihah, as far as I know.

The second group, are the younger wahabi generation. Some have studied in Saudi or are on the Saudi payroll by making Imamat in their masjids or teaching in their schools. These are like any other wahabi scholar, only they are maliki in most furu' - where no ahadith- not hambali.

Most of the Awwam aren't salafi, however it is spreading very fast, especially amongst the youth. The strong presence of sufism really helps slow down the spread of wahabism.

When I went to study at the Mahzharah of Shaikh Murabit al-Haj, the very first question asked by Had Amin - the head teacher- was : What Mazhab do you follow? When I said Hanafi, he replied, alhamdulillah, then u will never be a wahabi!

In my humble opinion, the main reason for the awwaam and the youth being swept of their feet by salafism, is the lack of attention to hadith by te maliki ulama. Ask them proof from hadith for anything, and they can't give it to you. This really creates doubts in the youth and draws them to Salafism which provides ahadith for eveything.

That is probably why the ahlul hadith movement in India- inspite of being there for so long- have a much smaller following comparitively, as te Hanafi Ulama give a lot of attention to hadith and have proof for every mas'alah.

And Allah Ta'ala knows best


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