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intention and show off

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Inviato: Gio Lug 09, 2020 2:09 pm    Oggetto: Ads

Ibrahim al-Youtubi

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MessaggioInviato: Mer Apr 25, 2012 1:26 pm    Oggetto: intention and show off Rispondi citando

salam aleikum wa rahmatullah respected mufti,my question is more about a spiritual issue instead of a fiqhi issue,however i think that your experience and various link with pius scholars can be helpful.

i need some advice in order to obtain good intention in my pius actions,and to mantain it,if possible i want to reach a state where i hate the praises of people,please help me.

"la salafia,assieme alla coca cola e all happy meal è il prodotto della globalizazzione capitalistica statunitense"

"la salafia è una multinazionale capitalistica con sede a ryadh e i maggiori azionisti negli stati uniti e israele"

"mc donald ha ronald mc donald come mascotte,la salafia ha al albani e ibn baz......

salafia im lovin it!!"
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Sufi Aqa
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Amministratore - خادم

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MessaggioInviato: Gio Apr 26, 2012 6:06 pm    Oggetto: Rispondi citando

Doppia risposta:

Risposta di Mufti Ismail Moosa Sahab:

"Wa’Alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

The most difficult thing to attain is sincerity. Yusuf bin Husain ar-Razi, the great student of Imam Ahmad bin Hambal has said,

وقال يوسف بن الحسين الرازي أعز شيء في الدنيا الإخلاص وكم أجتهد في إسقاط الرياء عن قلبي وكأنه ينبت فيه على لون آخر (جامع العلوم والحكم - (1 / 17)

“The most difficult thing in this world is to have sincerity. How often I try to eradicate ostentation from my heart, but it takes a different shape." (Jami al-Ulum, 1/18)

There are four ways in which you can become sincere, and not pay any comments to the thoughts, complaints or compliments of people. The first is that you should make an intention before carrying out any good deed that you are doing the action only for Allah, irrespective of how small it might seem. An example of this is the action of applying Itr and scent; we never ever consider making an intention when applying Itr, yet if a person has to make an intention he would attain immense reward.

قال عبد الرزاق أخبرنا عبد الرزاق قال اخبرنا عمر بن راشد عن إسحاق بن أبي طلحة قال قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم من تطيب لله جاء يوم القيامة وريحه أطيب من المسك ومن تطيب لغير الله جاء يوم القيامة وريحه أنتن من الجيفة ) أخرجه عبد الرزاق في مصنفه - (ج 9 / ص 108)

“Whoever applies Itr with the intention of pleasing Allah, he will come on the day of Qiyamah with a fragrance which is better than musk. And whoever applies Ir for others besides Allah, he will come on the day of Qiyamah and there will be a stench emanating from his body which is even more repugnant than the corpse of a donkey.” (Musannaf Abdur Razzaaq, 9/108)

Thus, make an intention before every action, then again remind yourself of the intention whilst doing the action, and again make an intention before completing an action. Constantly keep Allah in mind whilst doing the action (Hudhur Qalbi). If at any time the devil puts it in your mind that you are doing an action for anyone besides Allah, ignore it and focus on Allah again.

Secondly, try to align yourself a spiritual mentor. Just like how we will go to a doctor when we a physically ill, we need to go to a pious person when we are spiritually down.

Thirdly, try to increase the actions you do in privacy. If no one is watching you, it will be easier to keep your sincerity.

Fourthly, constantly make dua. It is only AllahTa’ala who can ultimately help.

Fifthly, after every action, seek forgiveness from Allah. Allah mentions in Surah Waddhariyaat that the pious seek forgives after spending the night in worship. This is due to them seeing their actions as deficient.

After these five actions, if a person still praises you, then this is a glad tidings for you and also part of your reward. You will then be blessed even more in the hereafter, insha Allah, as established from the following:

قال الإمام مسام حدثنا يحيى بن يحيى التميمي وأبو الربيع وأبو كامل فضيل بن حسين واللفظ ليحيى قال يحيى أخبرنا وقال الآخران حدثنا حماد بن زيد عن أبي عمران الجوني عن عبد الله بن الصامت عن أبي ذر قال قيل لرسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم * أرأيت الرجل يعمل العمل من الخير ويحمده الناس عليه قال تلك عاجل بشرى المؤمن (أخرجه مسلم - عبد الباقي (4/ 2034)

And Allah Ta’ala knows best.


[Mufti] Ismail [Moosa]


Risposta di Dr. Syed Arshad Sahab:

"Good intention itself is intentional first, becomes a habit after some time, and then becomes full of Ikhlas. One needs to practice good intention too. There is no other way.
There is no need to 'hate' the praises of people. When some one praise praise Allah swt, who put these praises on his tongue, otherwise he could be cursing you instead. This way, every praise you receive increases your 'Tawajjuh ilallah' and leads you towards the station of 'constant Shukr' - Thankfulness to Allah swt!
In the first case you attribute every thing to Allah swt, in the second case you attribute every thing to yourself!


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